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You can make an impact on the life of an Ethiopian student


OVRP Grantee Soya K. Lasbuk, the first student from the Omo Valley to attend medical school. 

Mobile schools for nomadic pastoralists

Nyangatom school

Some of the students we have supported: 


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The Omo Valley remains one of the least connected and most traditional regions of east Africa. Many families continue to practice subsistence-based livelihoods, including nomadic pastoralism, in remote inaccessible areas.  New development projects have brought schools to the Omo Valley, however, for many hopeful students attending high school or university, remains a financial impossibility. 

We work to change that by identifying talented youth and funding their education through direct tuition payments and cost of living support. We are a volunteer-run organization with minimal overhead to ensure donor funds are effectively used.  We depend on the generosity of donors to support our efforts to improve the lives of the next generation of Ethiopian leaders. 

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